Thursday, 27 May 2010

Blimey, what have I done!!!!

Well it is raining outside and I don't have enough time before work to go up the barn to work on one of my many projects, so what do i do?? well I might as well join that bunch of Dirty Bloggers from Dirty Bobbers and have a go at a blog.
I will fill this with my drivel and thoughts on old machines as and when I find the time/inclination.
But here are a couple of pictures of the sort of crap i keep around me...


  1. about f'kin time... well done mate... panthers need more exposure... 'Bob Cat' is one of my absolute favourites, but then you know that already

  2. The shit's only just started mate, now you'll spend ya time thinking of things to put on it.
    All good clean fun though Shaun.

  3. thank you my good man, Bobcat loves you too!!!