Thursday, 17 February 2011


Bikes of the Dragon

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All was not lost as my good mate Sumo lent me his old Pan-Euro for the rally. So the journey was completed in no time, even managing to meet up with my good mate Blacksheep Mick on his old BMW on route to the rally. The site was in an excellent location surrounded by mountains and right down by a river... slightly muddy from all the recent rain but still a pretty cool turn out.
Loads of cool classic bikes and several nice "Dragon" specials dotted around the area. It was a short walk into the local village to sample some local ales before a moonlit stroll back to the camp. Sunday dawned bright and dry after a night of torrential rain, camp was packed up and the homeward journey started. breakfast at the excellent Conway Falls cafe and a long long wet and blustery ride home... all in all a cool weekend.
All that is left now is to rebuild the Panther in readiness for next year !!!!

Dragon rally and assorted stuff....

Well it has been awhile since I last posted anything, well to be honest with the coming of winter I tend to shut myself away and pray for an early summer... that is until its Dragon rally time. So a few weeks before the rally I decide to check out Bobcats new oil leak and to give her a quick check over!!! quick was not a good word as the more I poked the more I found so with only 2 weeks to go I'm in a frenzy of gearbox repairs, clutch re-builds and new primary chain. Bike is back together by 22-30 Wednesday 9th of Feb, MOT is booked for the next morning and all is looking good.... Morning dawn's and Bobcat breezes her MOT... looking good just hoping I'm not using up too much of our luck.. friday morning arrives and Bobcat is loaded with camping gear and supplies for the journey and off I thump... got as far a South Mimms services and a dead magneto put an end to our trip together....