Sunday, 30 May 2010

Blame Sumo!!!!!

This has been eating away at me all evening, I'm afraid to say the Saltster will not be built :-( well not anytime soon. Due mainly to Sumo's enthusiasm I will be heading down a very different road with my next solo Panther build. The trike is still on and I have almost enough parts for an engine for the next solo which after today's big boy's lego session is going to be very retro and 70's in flavour. Just need to find my old flares and a pair of cuban heels ;-)
I'm hoping to be able to find a speck of time to head off to the barn tomorrow and do a quick mock-up with engine and 5-16 rear wheel fitted.... so watch this space but don't hold your breath as it may take me awhile to sort the mock-up.....

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