Monday, 31 May 2010

Capt Cleckheaton!!!

OK folks, here he is in all his mock-up glory Capt Cleckheaton!!! It will be awhile before he moves into the build space in the barn as the Pop pickup and Panther trike are first in the queue, the Scout is being built at home. I will need a skinny 16 inch rim for the front to lower the engine a tadge. Also on the lookout for a cool non harleyesque tank. This does mean the Saltster is being pushed ever further back in line but hey ho such is life......
Got to go as the ice is melting in my Pimms..

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Blame Sumo!!!!!

This has been eating away at me all evening, I'm afraid to say the Saltster will not be built :-( well not anytime soon. Due mainly to Sumo's enthusiasm I will be heading down a very different road with my next solo Panther build. The trike is still on and I have almost enough parts for an engine for the next solo which after today's big boy's lego session is going to be very retro and 70's in flavour. Just need to find my old flares and a pair of cuban heels ;-)
I'm hoping to be able to find a speck of time to head off to the barn tomorrow and do a quick mock-up with engine and 5-16 rear wheel fitted.... so watch this space but don't hold your breath as it may take me awhile to sort the mock-up.....

Good day

Jumped in the wife's convertible and head north-wards today destination Chez Sumo, world headquarters of Vintage Chop and current centre for all things Pantherista. The car was laden with spares for Sumo which I was exchanging for spares for moi :-) and a set of quite long springer forks. Half an hour of Panther lego had us a pretty cool 70's style chopper skeleton.
Now I may just keep the pictures to my self until I can mock her up proper like with an engine and a 5-16 rear wheel??? we shall see.
Good to meet The Quaffmeister, drink pimms and eat a real good steak sarnie. home now and sitting in the sun with another pimms, life is good.....

Thursday, 27 May 2010

spiffing news

Just found out via a mate that the front forks on my Scout mongrel are very rare early 20's Sunbeam leafsprung girders. Just right for a butchered Indian :-) ..

Lifes little problems

Just when you think life is going to plan fate throws you a fast ball!!! Scored a pair of 12 inch over springers recently for nothing, well a small favour for a mate. Now I have a problem, which of my projects gets shelved so I can build me a chopper?? is it the Saltster (rigid/girder M100 Panther) or the Panther trike??? Or do I just do the sensible thing and find me another Panther motor. answers on a £10.00 note please....

Couple more

More of my sh*t

Sh*t in the shed

Blimey, what have I done!!!!

Well it is raining outside and I don't have enough time before work to go up the barn to work on one of my many projects, so what do i do?? well I might as well join that bunch of Dirty Bloggers from Dirty Bobbers and have a go at a blog.
I will fill this with my drivel and thoughts on old machines as and when I find the time/inclination.
But here are a couple of pictures of the sort of crap i keep around me...