Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Pendine Speed weekend 22nd June 2013

Due to a sudden change in my personal circumstances I have suddenly found myself with a future as a widower, not something I had ever contemplated happening at least not at the age I am at the moment.. one sudden episode and your life changes for ever... I'm am currently at a total loss and still very confused but with the help and prompting from my good mate and fellow Pantherista Sumo i have a goal to aim for, the first Pendine speed weekend.. I am going to build the Saltster to run at Pendine, I have already been given the go-ahead by the organisers the superb Pendine Land Speed Club, so it is game on, this is going to be my therapy to help me through the difficult and dark next few months but I'm also doing it as a tribute to my late wife Hayley, she has the middle name Tonia after Sir Donald Campbells wife so a LSR attempt at the historic Pendine Sands seems like the perfect tribute..
I will try and keep you up to speed on here but I am finding the computer both a blessing and a curse at the moment...

RIP Hayley Tonia Veness, Wife, Lover, Soul Mate and best friend, our journey was cut short, but the road we had travelled was a trip I would repeat again and again... will miss you so much as you were over half of my being and the reason I used to keep on keeping on when the going got tough.. love you always. Shaun

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