Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Round and round we go .....

The Saltster/capt Cleakheaton has taken on yet another look..... as she is slowly being morfed into the trike. Sumo has been on my back to get this built in time for the Dragon rally next year so we can both head up on Panther trikes... really need that lottery win so I can escape this work thingy and spend more time fettling in the shed/barn.
Front end is Ural which came with an incomplete bike that I swapped with Sumo for my old Ford Pop back axle which is now holding up the rear of his trike. just scored the front brake off a fellow Dirty Bobber for a good price and very fast delivery. main frame is Panther, gearbox is going to be a Burman hand change with reverse. I am waiting a slot in my mate the frame builders schedule so we can get the rear end made. The rear wheel is in there to help me get an idea of wheelbase and stance and also so I can wheel her back into the barn at night (chuffing heavy things Panthers!!!) rear end is chain drive diff , triumph Spitfire half shalfs and hubs and Ford model Y wire wheels. I'm hoping for a lean, low Hotrod inspired look when finished but who knows as I can't make my mind up about anything !!!!!

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